"I’ve done Pinter and stuff like that"

Film Danny Dyer's enmity for Mark Kermode has turned violent:
"I’ve seen it, yeah. He’s such a prick. I don’t even talk like that, you know what I mean?! I actually watched it and I found it quite funny, because I couldn’t believe that this is the way he perceives me. He’s the only one that sees me like that, I believe. It’s very odd. He’s just a got a bit of a problem with me, and what it is I really don’t know. But I think he does tend to forget that I’ve done Pinter and stuff like that. I don’t think he takes me seriously as an actor."

"But our paths will meet, one day, and there won’t be no talking. It’ll probably just be a headbutt straight to the fucking nose, and then he can go off and do his impressions with a broken nose…that’d be good, wouldn’t it?"
Well, no, because even suggesting that rather fulfills the very stereotype Kermode is parodying and which you say you're trying to escape.

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