"my vice of choice"

Computers Usually when blogs post retro predictions of the future of computers, it's because whichever trainee Nostradamus has lucked into describing the naked now. But just this once, let's look to someone who go it spectacularly wrong, but you kind of wish he hadn't.  David Byrne, Lead Singer, Talking Heads:
"I don't think computers will have any important effect on the arts in 2007. When it comes to the arts they're just big or small adding machines. And if they can't "think," that's all they'll ever be. They may help creative people with their bookkeeping, but they won't help in the creative process."
As I spend my days remaking the film Trainspotting with the Guardian's Phone Hacking Live blog as my vice of choice, I'm slowly developing the the opinion that Tim Berners-Lee el al have a lot to answer for.

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