"deliberately geeky"

TV Recently, one of my Torchwood reviews was linked by the discussion board at Grow Your Own magazine, in a section called Geek Heaven. Here were the comments:
"Love torchwood but that link is really Geeky"

"and not at all complimentary.  For goodness' sake - someone ought to tell the guy it's escapism, pure and simple.  He makes at least one valid point though - I'd be interested to know what a complete newcomer makes of it."
Well of course it's greeky, it's deliberately geeky, so I'm quite pleased with that assessment, and I think noticing one good point is probably a decent score.  I only demur at the suggest I don't know that it's escapism.  Of course I do.  I just wish it was good escapism.  But we are only at episode two.  If the next eight are comparable to C of E this really will look like a blip.  If they're not, expect an eight week post-mortem.

If the GYO people are still reading, take a look at this spoilery review of Sherlock Holmes's demise in posted to twitter in the past week which might as well be a Gallifrey Base assessment of any or all of the Doctor Who finales.  I might even have used the phrase "We are actually asked to believe..." myself on occasion.  For shame.  Presumably the nu-Sherlock equivalent will see Cumberbatch sliding down the Gherkin.

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