"Operations at Oxford Circus"

Film Civil engineering consultancy firm Halcrow (of Channel Tunnel rail link fame) have posted a small online selection of films from their archive. Gems of note:

A three minute clip from the 1979 film, "The Queen in Arabia" in which the monarch inaugurates the Port of Jebel Ali which would become the gateway to expansion in Dabai.  While wearing one of those white hats that never seemed to leave her head in the 70s and 80s. Features disco music playing over endless helicopter shots of concrete.

Building the Victoria line, London, "the first in a series of five films covering the construction of the London underground’s new Victoria line. This film, Report Number 1 Over and Under, Operations at Oxford Circus, describes the route of the new line, the planning and the problems that had to be overcome from 1962-64."

And a Channel Tunnel sight inspection from 1964 which just goes to demonstrate the longevity of some of these projects.

I should warn you though that each of these pages works like YouTube and starts downloading the clip stream as soon as you go to the page [via].

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