"an eclectic mix of cutural events"

Plug! An email from Creative Tourist about a new festival a few stops away on the train:
I wanted to let you know about The Manchester Weekender 14-16th October, organised by www.creativetourist.com, it’s an eclectic mix of cutural events: billed as 48 hours of art, culture, music, film, food, literature, walks, politics, poetry, photography, theatre, spectacle and games all wrapped up into a single weekend, it includes events as diverse as Jarvis Cocker ‘In Conversation’, a cultural fitness bootcamp, underground walking tours, several international critically acclaimed artists and numerous events, all over the city, for children and families.

You can find out more at http://www.creativetourist.com/the-manchester-weekender-2011.
I'll miss everything, of course, because I work at the weekend but I knew some of you would be interested.

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