It’s not the most complex of plots

Books While we're on the subject of stuff noticed whilst watching Doctor Who, you won't remember but three years ago I read the single example of published erotic fiction that tangentially fits within the Doctor Who universe. Reviewing the review for various satirical reasons related to a twitter conversation (again) I stumbled upon one small detail I bothered to mention in the plot synopsis:
"Claudia, a recent widow is surprised one day when she discovers a buff young man taking a skinny-dip in the lake on her land. She prays that he’ll find his way to her big house, which he unsurprisingly does, bedecked in an Edwardian frock coat, covered in bruises and claiming to have lost his memory. His only point of identity is a small note which says his name is Paul. She takes him in, and after a doctor friend, Beatrice, gives him an examination, ‘Paul’ moves in with her. Not long afterwards, her best friend Melody, leaves her husband and she moves in too. Then there’s a fancy dress party and the truth of who this male house guest might be is stunningly revealed on television. It’s not the most complex of plots, I’m sure you’ll agree and there’s a fairly obvious reason for that."
Steven's magpie mind couldn't really be referencing The Stranger. Could he?

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