"And no one said something."

Film Sometimes, just sometimes. Kirsten Dunst gives an unexpectedly unvarnished interview about the Cannes incident in which she registers her surprise at the reaction of her fellow cast members:
"The way she sees it, the incident was a perfect storm of unstable elements, with her caught haplessly in the middle. She blames the journalist, the British film critic Kate Muir, who opened the floodgate – and the floodgate itself for opening so readily ("Lars always likes to stir things up"). But she also seems narked with her other cast members, who simply sat by. "That's what I don't understand. There were a lot of us sitting there. There was Stellan [SkarsgĂ„rd], John [Hurt], Charlotte [Gainsbourg]. And no one said something. No one wanted to help. I was the only one to lean in to Lars and get him to stop." She rolls her eyes. "And, of course, I'm the one person that people would love to rope into that situation. They'd love to mess with me."
Here it again in case you missed it. Just keep watching her face. I think we've all been in that moment when you're desperate to say something to a friend as their mouth is engaging more than their brain but know that it would just make matters worse.  We all just sit there smiling but in way that attempts to be supportive without looking as though we're actually agreeing with whatever nonsense they're spewing ...

She's right when she says "So then I become the story. It becomes, 'Oooh, look at Kirsten's reaction!'"

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