six-inch heels and a thong

Theatre Woody Allen, Ethan Coen and Elaine May have collaborate on a portmanteau theatre production of three one act plays at a theatre in New York. The local Times has May interviewing the other two "in depth", which gives Woody the opportunity to offer some of his best material in years:
"Q. A miraculous being with divine powers appears to you and says, “You have a choice. You can be fabulously attractive and have an even better physique or you can reverse climate change.” What do you say to her?

ETHAN COEN Those are my choices?

WOODY ALLEN The question becomes moot since I am already more than sufficiently attractive. Of course the actual impact of my physique might not be apparent to the naked eye at first glance, but with some laser surgery or perhaps corneal transplants the viewer will be amply rewarded. The real question is, who is this miraculous being with the divine powers who has suddenly appeared and what is she wearing? If it’s six-inch heels and a thong the best idea would be to take her to a hotel room and see just how many other-worldly tricks she is capable of performing. As for climate change, all the good hotel rooms are air-conditioned.
Woody's play looks to have Steve Guttenberg as his avatar. That's amazing.

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