"a Faire attendee or D&D devotee"

TV I was too busy with the sonnets to mark the usual anniversary, so in an attempt to fill the gap, here's Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody reviewing Doctor Who in 2006:
"The term "geek" has lost its accusatory zing. Nowadays, if you lob that epithet at a Faire attendee or D&D devotee, he or she will likely cop to it—proudly. Blame it on Rivers Cuomo, Steve Jobs, or Kevin Smith; that throwaway beatitude about the meek inheriting the earth suddenly seems to have credence. Geeks exert major influence on internet content, box-office receipts, even fashion. Cool kids don Buddy Holly glasses and ill-fitting T-shirts, unwittingly aping the pariahs they mocked in high school. Sadly, a measure of social purity has been lost amid all this caste upheaval. Remember when geeks were dorks? Where does one find real, honest-to-Zool social outcasts these days?"
How did she manage to get the colour of the TARDIS wrong? [via]

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