"this procrastination was research"

Books I forgot to mention the other day (weirdly since it was this which prompted me to contact the publisher and ask for a review copy) but The New Yorker has posted five excepts from the Miranda July book. Here's a sample of the introduction ...
"This story takes place in 2009, right after our wedding. I was writing a screenplay in the little house. I wrote it at the kitchen table, or in my old bed with its thrift-store sheets. Or, as anyone who has tried to write anything recently knows, these are the places where I set the stage for writing but instead looked things up online. Some of this could be justified because one of the characters in my screenplay was also trying to make something, a dance, but instead of dancing she looked up dances on YouTube. So, in a way, this procrastination was research. As if I didn’t already know how it felt: like watching myself drift out to sea, too captivated by the waves to call for help. I was jealous of older writers who had gotten more of a toehold on their discipline before the web came. I had gotten to write only one script and one book before this happened."
... and here are Michael, Andrew, Pam and Joe.  I've updated the original post the reflect the omission.

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