"Geez, Julie. You’re so defensive!"

Film Julie Delpy's Two Days in Paris which has always seemed like the evil version of the Before series now its own sequel, Two Days in Manhattan, also written by her and now co-starring Chris Rock. Salon has an interview with them, which includes this moment up front when Deply quite rightly harranges the interviewer for his approach:
"Salon: Chris, the only thing from black culture he can come up with is Salt ‘n Pepa. I’m not even sure why that’s funny, but it is.

Julie Delpy: Why are you talking to him? I wrote it!

Salon: I know you wrote it, but he’s in the scene. I was talking to both of you.

Chris Rock: Geez, Julie. You’re so defensive!

J.D.: It’s just that when you’re a woman filmmaker, people always think the guys have written their own dialogue.

C.R.: Right, and when it’s a comedy people always think the best stuff is ad-libbed. Always!
It sounds good natured but this does happen a lot, interviewers immediately addressing the male when both genders appear. Of course, the one disappointment with the film (which does otherwise sound excellent) is that it kyboshes my assumption for where the third Before film would be set given Jesse's background.

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