singer-songwriter Zoë Bestel

Music In last night's Countryfile, Matt Baker visited Scotland's National book town, Wigtown, to talk about its Hay-on-Wye like collection of bookshops and regular arts festivals. In one especially beguiling moment, Matt was shown as the single audience member for an impromptu gig by local singer-songwriter Zoë Bestel.

 Wanting to find out more, I checked Google and found her official website, which is richer than sites for some well established artist, and has a blog entry about the experience and entertainingly for those of us who're fans of how programmes are made, a short video of what happened in the five minutes before the bit that was on television.

I think it's only fair to force you to link here to watch it, but it's well worth it for  proof that Matt's much the same in "real life" as on television and the background action when the cameraman, otherwise glancing through the bookshelves realises what's going on, realises how good Zoe actually is (and she is very, very good) and dashes out to get his camera.

There are worse ways of gaining some national exposure. Her EP is up on Spotify and embedded below.

Signed copies can be bought here too.

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