"hundreds of hours of Nixon’s secret tapes"

Politics Earlier in the month, working together for the first time in decades. Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post reflected back on Richard Millhouse Nixon's time in office and concluded that historical records demonstrate that he was far worse than they ever imagined:
"Today, much more than when we first covered this story, an abundant record provides unambiguous answers and evidence about Watergate and its meaning. This record has expanded continuously over the decades with the transcription of hundreds of hours of Nixon’s secret tapes, adding detail and context to the hearings in the Senate and House of Representatives; the trials and guilty pleas of about 40 Nixon aides and associates who went to jail; and the memoirs of Nixon and his deputies. Such documentation makes it possible to trace the president’s personal dominance over a massive campaign of political espionage, sabotage and other illegal activities against his real or perceived opponents."
On the Post's own version of the story (which is here but shuts unregistered readers out after a few pages) there are more than five thousand comments which demonstrates how this affair above most others still captures our imagination.

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