"It will probably never be consummated"

Film "Five things When Harry Met Sally says about relationships" is an entertaining BBC Magazine article in which an actual relationship counsellor is asked to pass judgement on fictional characters:
"Relationship expert Judy James says the male/female friendship is probably rarer than we imagine.

"A lot of men and women are clearly friends, but often one of them will be harbouring some form of attraction for the other.

"It will probably never be consummated, as they would not want to jeopardise the friendship, but I'd say in about 50% of male/female friendships one of them secretly fancies the other.

"You see friends of the opposite sex often admitting that when they reconnect years later on Facebook or Friends Reunited," she says."
Well, I say fictional characters. That sounds fairly accurate to me too. Ahem.

 Actually this quote from Jason Reitman/Diablo Cody's Young Adult is even more appropriate: "Guys like me are born loving women like you."

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