"what Hitchcock demanded his art should be"

Film The BFI has a new website which seems to include the posting of more articles from Sight and Sound Magazine including this piece by silent soundtrack supremo Neil Brand on scoring Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail which has just been rereleased a newly restored format:
"In my own mind, at least, I have ‘worked with Hitchcock’. The Blackmail score I composed in 2008, and which I am performing again in London this month, may have arrived late for the party, but I hope that, in composing it, I have consciously emulated what Hitchcock demanded his art should be – pure cinema. My inspirations were three-fold: first, the film itself, which speaks volumes with every shot; next, such understanding as I could manage of Hitchcock himself from interviews, biographies and his other movies – this, to me, was particularly important; finally, there’s the ‘Hitchcock score’ which – despite the fact that he worked with numerous composers during his sound career – undoubtedly exists as a style in itself."
Perhaps the definition of a auteur should be that their work is easily identifiable through visuals and editing, no matter who the photographer is or the editor.  Everyone else is a collaborator.  A hack.

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