"Like, where’s your modesty?"

Links  I've reached episode twenty of Vivat Rex which begins about half way through Henry VI.3 which isn't bad for three days work but it's fair to say that a certain amount of listener's mission creep has set in thanks to the messy, repetitive drama of this later material (too many proto-Richard III's before the actual Richard III) which despite the producer's best efforts doesn't lend itself to audio.  It'll be interesting to see how The Hollow Crown deals with it as and when and who they'll cast as Joan of Arc.  Marion Cotillard's presumably too expensive.

Miss America, or rather Lis on constructive criticism:
"There are people out there who seem confident ALL. THE. TIME.  You try to give them a compliment about something, and they give you a mindless shrug as if to say, ‘I know.’  And you’re left standing there thinking, ‘What a dick.’  Confidence comes across as arrogance, and then we dislike them for it.  Plus then, I don’t know about you, but I tend not to pay a compliment again.  Like, where’s your modesty?  Where’s the ‘Thank you’?  Gah, ya dick."

Shakespeare Bits Back is a pleasingly grump e-Pamphlet from Paul Edmondson and Stanley Wells on the topic of authorship:
"Anti-Shakespearians we have met seem to be singularly lacking in a sense of humour, at least as soon as they start riding their hobby-horses. They hardly smile, perhaps a characteristic of an obsessive mind. Dare to suggest that snobbery is a hidden agenda of the anti-Shakespearian movement (in its general propensity to offer aristocratic or university educated nominees) and you stand the risk of having your head bitten off, or being made to feel you have caused offence."

New radio discovery.  WRN broadcasts on FreeSat channel 728 (and is probably available on Sky) and curates news services around the world.
This is still me talking because I couldn't find a decent explanatory bit of text.  I turned over this morning in the middle of NPR's All Things Considered and after glancing at the schedule found what amounted to a reverse version of the BBC World Service, broadcasting back at us the likes of UN Radio, Radio Australia and RTE Ireland in bursts of fifteen minutes to two hours, sometimes a whole programme, sometimes representative samples.  Radio Prague earlier had a five minute slot teaching the Czech language.

Tea Lady Designs.
Me again.  This is the Facebook page for the company currently producing all the covers for the BBC's Doctor Who merchandise, the novels and dvds in particular, posting clean version without the logos and whatnot.  Here's some of the official BBC artwork for next year.  Weird seeing the Pertwee logo from the TV Movie associated with the nuWho Doctors.

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