" a lot of people did choose to treat us like Gods anyway"

Links In this Olympic gap, here are some things somewhat about the Olympics:

Weightlifter Zoe Smith's written a heartfelt blog post about her Olympics experience. And after.
"I did try not to abuse my accreditation during the Games. When I forgot my Oyster card, I paid for a ticket rather than using the “I forgot my Oyster card and need to be back in the village ASAP, please let me through the gate” sob story. I waited in queues rather than attempting to flash my pass for speedy service. I didn’t ask for any discounts or anything for free. I’m not asking for a round of applause, as that’s what I should do anyway, but I know that a lot of people did try and wrangle some free stuff. However, a lot of people did choose to treat us like Gods anyway. We were VIP in quite a few big clubs, and free drinks were constantly thrown our way. Not literally thrown, that’d be dangerous, but you catch my drift."

The last word on NBC's Olympics coverage. It was worse than we thought.
"Hang on. When you start to think about the totality of NBC's Olympics coverage – the number of venues, the number of cameras, the army of producers and anchors and staff – the criticism begins to seem borderline unhinged. Disturbed. What civilization could have produced media consumers so petulant and ravenous that gorging on brilliantly filmed HD sports for two weeks only finds them spluttering and howling for better, for more?"

Breakdown of how we consumed the BBC's interactive streams that's detailed enough to notice how people clicked between channels during lulls in events.
"Audiences quickly grew accustomed to being able to switch between up to 24 streams. In between the peaks of Team GB medal moments, our data clearly shows people moving across streams to check out a whole host of different events. For example, around 6pm on Saturday 4th, audiences finished watching GB Gold in Women's Team Pursuit Cycling on stream 7 to take a look at the end of Brazil v Honduras in the football on stream 6, before switching back to stream 7 as the cycling action kicked off again."

How to copy what Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan wore to the opening ceremony.
"They’re no longer called the Sugababes as that title is now owned by the girls who came into the band later on – Jade Ewen, Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah. But the originals definitely still look as stunning as ever. In fact, I think they look even better than when they first started out 14 years ago. In their bright oufits, they totally fitted in with the upbeat and jubilant atmosphere in the Olympics Stadium at the opening party for the London 2012 games. Here’s how to get that casual but very, very cute look:"

io9 has a thorough list of the genre films which didn't get made, many of which would have been superior to the soulless messes we ended up with. Not always:
"According to Geekscape, Tim Burton was asked to do a Beetlejuice sequel right after his success with the first Batman film. And the sequel would have involved the Deetz family moving to Hawaii, with Beetlejuice following them and linking up with some ancient Tiki gods. Urgh."

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