"not a whit of sympathy"

Music The Arts Desk's Alexandra Coghlan attended the BBC Proms the other night but was only ultimately able to review half a concert because she had to leave in the middle. Now she's revealed why, the intolerant attitude of her fellow audience members:
"I was attending the concert with a university-age girl – her first visit to the Proms. A chronic asthmatic, she had coughed a little during the first half, but infrequently, and had stifled it to the very best of her ability. After the first piece a man turned round and told her off (not a whit of sympathy, concern or even basic politeness to his complaint). We apologised, and moved to some empty seats further away. When the interval arrived three middle-aged men accosted us in the foyer."
The resulting incident is shocking, that people would act like that.  Even if she'd been using a mobile phone or just talking, that would have been no excuse for this behaviour.  Just move.  I'd be amazed if this poor girl would ever want to go back now.  Shocking.

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