"To Hades with the warlock who wears trousers of den-um!"

Links  Very excited for the opening of the Liverpool Biennial.  Usually on these two opening days I'd be trotting around the various venues either because I've had a press invite or a private view card or as was the case last year both.  But this year, for various reasons, I've decided that rather than giving in to my usual tendency of trying to pack everything in to two days and as is often the case when some of the work isn't quite finished, that I'd let myself enjoy it over whole two months, perhaps even in the numerical order of the guide pamphlet, beginning with the Cunard Building.  I expect also, there will be blogging.

Topless Robot uncovers the ten worst episodes of the Generation One Transformers cartoon.  Has the effect of making me want to see them all.  Especially the obligatory Camelot episode:
"Not once do the Autobots consider the repercussions of driving around the medieval countryside side in their vehicle forms, nor is Spike, at any point, chased by angry villagers and burned at the stake for being a purported warlock ("To Hades with the warlock who wears trousers of den-um!"). And to top off their indifference to the intended course of history, both the Autobots and Decepticons participate in a huge battle that was sparked by a dispute over cows, because the kids at home might not understand more sensical inciting incidents like regicide or misinterpreted religious mandate."

Design Nerds Flash Cards:
A is for Apple. M isn't for Microsoft.

The Coffee Cake and Me blog visits the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival:
"There were stands from all kinds of eateries in the Liverpool area such as Bem Brazil and Jamie’s, mixed in with stands with wine, local produce and spirits, all with reasonable prices. Just shows the difference having your food served up on a paper plate makes! Samples of wine, chocolate, bread and oils, cheese and old school cordials were sampled with no arm twisting involved! The chocolates tasted as good as they looked. The detail on them was beautiful making them too nice to eat… but that’s what they’re there for!"

The BBC' Archive is having an audio (copyright infringement) amnesty in an attempt to coax people to return old clandestine recordings:
"Do you remember all those warnings about home taping? Did you ignore them and furtively record some of your favourite radio shows anyway? Do you have an attic or a garage or even an old cardboard box under the spare bed full of tapes or cassettes of Pick of the Pops, Saturday Club, Easy Beat, Top Gear or Housewives’ Choice? Well the good news is you got away with it!"

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