An entertaining old interview with Tracey Emin.

Art The Guardian's G2 supplement is 20 and although its essentialness has ebbed and flowed across the years, there's always, somehow, at least one piece of excellent or thoughtful writing each day be it the main article, one of the columnists or even the radio review. As part of their selection of highlights, they've pointed to this old interview in which Emma Brocke's actually tells Tracey Emin what she thought of her film Top Spot:
"Hey, guess what, yes there is, there's fucking lots of it. Have you seen the film?"
"Do you like the film?"
I like bits of it. And I think bits of it are really slow. I think it drags in the middle.
"Which bit did you think drags in the middle?"
When they're in the museum. And all those seagull shots.
Emin looks as if she'd like to get out a knife and stab me in the head.
"Right. When was the last time you went to the cinema?"
"What did you see?"
Comme une Image (Look At Me).
"Was every bit of it enthrallingly fantastic?"
I wasn't ever bored.
I was aware of being bored when I was watching your film, however.
She takes a big breath. "I REALLY REALLY ... "
Christ. This is horrible."
The best part in this section?  How Emin assumes the reason Brockes doesn't like her film is first because she doesn't like films in general and then because she's not an art house fan, Emma throwing the amazing Look At Me back in her face.  Emin's mellowed in recent years. I wonder what she'd make of her behavior in this interview.  As Brockes says, "what's that got to do with you having made a boring film?"

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