Claire Danes interviewed in The Observer.

TV With everything else that was going on, I forgot to mention the Claire Danes interview in Sunday's The Observer. In truth there's nothing especially new, especially on the My So-Called Life front, or at least new to me, apart from the news that ...
"... she turned down the role of Rose in Titanic. Chasing stardom never seems to have been her priority."
Presumably the producers and James thought they'd bring Leo and her back together after their successful chemistry in BL's WS's R+J but it's weird to think of her in one of Kate Winslet's signature roles.  I'm also reminded that WS's R+J and KB's WS's Hamlet were both released in 1996.  Big year...

She would have been incredible, of course she would, but it seems like an odd fit and indeed it's interesting that Winslet then went on to play just the kinds of roles Danes would end up playing herself.  Going straight into Hideous Kinky suggests stardom wasn't on Winslet's mind either.

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