The final "Pages from Ceefax".

TV You probably missed it, I know I did, but in the early morning, this morning, television history was made, because between about four and six this morning, BBC Two broadcast the last ever, the final "Pages from Ceefax".

Before proper daytime television, before the internet, in the Eighties, even before we could afford to buy or rent a television with teletext built in, "Pages from Ceefax" was a primary information source, sitting for hours waiting for the pages to scroll around to the sports news or as was sometimes the case then funny pictures and children's stories.

As you might imagine, someone has already uploaded this momentous occasion to YouTube. The epic moment comes at about minute 7:25:

It's nice that BBC Two announcer decided to mark the occasion.  Thanks for being there, Ceefax.  But you won't be forgotten.

Updated!  BBC News Online now has heartfelt a tribute.  Sob.

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