Geology  ArsTechnical reports that new software which brings hugely detailed geological images to schools and amateur rock enthusiasts:
"Geologists were among the educators who were trained and then unleashed on the world as voracious GigaPanners. Ron Schott, who teaches at Bakersfield College in California, has been sharing his experiences with GigaPan through his blog. Schott had been exploring better ways to help students visualize geologic concepts, and GigaPan has fit the bill. “In the classroom, students exploring a GigaPan can experience a joy of discovery that just isn't there in a traditional static photograph,” he told Ars.

"Callan Bentley, an assistant professor at Northern Virginia Community College and fellow geoblogger, shares that view. “I think the key aspect of a GigaPan is that it is a single medium which combines both detail and context. The result is that viewers/users can start with the literal ‘big picture’ (zoomed-out) context, then let their natural instincts guide them to explore for detail in select portions of the image (zoomed-in),” he wrote."
There's an example of their work at Ars and the detailing is stunning.

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