RIP Blockbuster.

Elsewhere  This time last week I was preparing to visit the offices of Liverpool's The Double Negative, the culture website conceived and co-founded by writer Mike Pinnington and curator Laura Robertson.  It's cosy space in within a local art venue.

We talked about this and that and somewhere in there they very kindly invited me to write something for them should the inspiration take hold.  I think they assumed that would take a few weeks if at all.  I think I warned them that it might be.

Then Blockbuster followed HMV into receivership a couple of days later and I was inspired and so here we have my first essay for The Double Negative recording a couple of decades of video rental.

It's quite a while since I've seen my writing posted on someone else's website and it's something I really should be doing more often. My blogging style is pretty far advanced now, so it's probably just the challenge I need to keep myself sharp.  Any ideas?

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