Nature In January 2012, The Senator, a three and a half thousand year old tree in Longwood, Florida, burnt to the ground. But some the tragedy was mitigated because years before a plant nursery owner, a science teacher and a team of forestry researchers had begun a project to clone it.  Now The Phoenix has risen in its place.  The Seminole Voice reports:
"Buchanan’s crew started digging. It takes six months to prepare a tree the size of The Senator’s replacement for transplant. The roots fan out dozens of feet, so surgically removing most of them, then coaxing the tree to grow its roots in a tight ball without killing it, takes months. During transport, a crane and a tractor-trailer bear the massive weight.

"In Seminole County, officials involved with the project put forward tens of thousands of dollars for park renovation, fencing, security systems and an arts grant to use parts of The Senator’s enormous trunk to create a memorial. They prepared a site for the new tree, hollowing out the marshy soil less than a football field away from The Senator."

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