Prince is dead. Possibly.

Music Best FARK comment ever. Prince died during the Purple Rain tour in 1985 and was replaced by a lookalike called Christopher. Apparently:
"The first album featuring the new Prince was "Around the World in a Day", on the track "The Ladder". His voice is noticeably lower in pitch on this song. He also insisted on re-editing the song "Temptation" to be less "sex oriented" and turned it to a religiously-oriented song of judgment, instead of the testament to sexual indulgence it was originally.

"Hello" is a Prince song reworked into a Christopher song, and renamed to "introduce" Christopher to the world, and describe his introduction to being famous. "I tried to tell them that I didn't want to sing..." It was also a response to Christopher's hesitation to join "Live Aid" because he wasn't quite ready for an event so close to Prince's former friends and colleagues in the music industry."
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