The Optical of Delpy.

Film One of the aspects of Richard Linklater's Before ... film series, now that it is a series, is in capturing how the actors and so therefore the characters have changed across time. Jessie's wiriness, Celine's curves. Like the figures in Michael Apted's 7 up series. Like us all. Unless you live in the head of the person who airbrushed a publicity shot which appeared in Vanity Fair recently, spotted by Nadine Jolie:
"In the first photo I came across of Julie Delpy, I thought: She still looks great! (And, for the record, Ethan Hawke still looks crazy hot. I’d roll around with him while “All I Want Is You” blares in the background anytime.) But in the second photo, I immediately noticed that Julie looked slimmed–dramatically so. Cue some retroactive searching and comparison of the two photos and, yes indeed: somebody is trying to give 43-year-old Julie Delpy the body of 23-year-old Julie Delpy…"
Having already seen the photo around, for a while it was the only photo available of the film, I wouldn't have noticed, and didn't until I really scrutinised both photos myself. But it's true. The photoshopper has added extra architecture between Julie's arm and her waist.

As Nadine notes, we don't know who would have taken the decision, the film company or Vanity Fair.  My guess is that whoever did it, does this sort of thing as part of a process or house style.  But the bottom line is, people should be allowed to be who they want to be.

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