Who is the Secret Actor? #6

Theatre Secret's in generic mode again this week talking about other people in other places and lookatmeism.

Within she talks about a "Young Actor Pal" who could be anyone, attending a meal that has a very famous person hold forth who could also be anyone.  Without names or faces, I'm not sure what we're meant to draw from it other than that human beings walk around, breath, are sometimes arrogant and often have dinner, all at the same time.

It could just as well be that "Young Actor Pal" is Secret herself in which case she's using an anonymous fictional friend within an anonymous column for the purposes of an anecdote which makes her look clueless, but the philosophical implications of that would be enough for a whole series of Adam Curtis films.

So here's a parody of an Adam Curtis film about Adam Curtis's films:

Also today, The Guardian published this interview with casting directors which says more about the profession than the first six of Secret's columns.  Here's Doctor Who's casting director Andy Pryor on receiving presents:
"The worst," he says, "is when you get a card with a teabag in it, and the card is filled with glitter – so that when you open it, it goes all over you. They say, 'We just wanted to get your attention.' It's like, 'Yes you did. Now we've got to clean this shit up.'"
Pryor then goes on to admit that they have cast roles on the strength of unsolicited approaches. I wonder who.

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