"Is anyone still reading this blog now that its become a Dr Who only zone ?"

Letters A observation/comment from Jess in the comments to today's Who 50 post:

"Just an observation, but is anyone still reading this blog now that its become a Dr Who only zone ?"

(1) The page views yesterday were 871 according to Blogger and over the last month, 19,154. I'm not sure I've mentionedd that before but there we are. I'm also not sure if that's a lot, about average or rubbish.  None of this is as high as when Doctor Who is on television and I'm publishing reviews, though I do know a few people who only come during the series and go away again when it's over.

(2) The Doctor Who posts are the most popular items on the blog, though to be fair the numbers are still relatively modest. Blogger says the write-up on Peter Capaldi has so far had about three hundred direct hits, though it's not clear where those numbers are from. The one about the viewing order went a bit viral so headed up to about five hundred and eighty. None of that takes into account things like RSS, where the blog has 192 readers via feedburner, though the sources are up the wall since Google Reader shut so I don't know how they're reading.

(3) Which isn't why I'm writing about Doctor Who by the way. I knew I'd be covering it a lot in the 50th anniversary year, especially since I'm watching a lot of it.  It's a nice writing exercise to choose a different story from a given year and try and have an original thought about it then ...

(4) The Who 50 tangent posts were and are designed so that the blog isn't a Dr Who only zone and again they're a useful research test.

(5) There are also posts about girl groups and art exhibitions I've enjoyed and the usual things I'm interested in. There's less personal writing in the traditional sense even though this is still a personal blog, I suppose, but long term readers will know that this sort of thing ebbs and flows. It's been a weird summer for various reasons, so I'm more inclined to write about the things I can write about rather than the things I don't feel like or don't quite understand yet.

(6)  I hope none of this comes across as defensive because it's not supposed to though I suspect it might.  As I've always said, this is what it is.  It's not Doctor Who blog though it does some of that.  It's not a culture blog, though it's been called that.  It's my blog however mediocre an idea that might be.

(7)  What kinds of things would you like me to be writing about?

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