The Time Vortex.

TV Tonight I was watching Aaron Sorkin's really rather good The Newsroom and noticing that he was essentially still writing the same old characters (Don really is Josh isn't he?) and on reaching the Blackout episode was greeted with this scene which has the odd spoiler for if you haven't seen the series. Keeping in mind the events of recent months and especially the last few days, see if you can spot the moment when I started braying "Fuck Off!" at the screen. A lot.

That episode was broadcast almost exactly one year before the thing we both know I'm talking about but for which I'm not using the actual words because I'm as paranoid as Leo is in this clip. I mean Charlie. Though not that Charlie, obviously. Sorkin likes to reuse character names too it seems.

Anyway people who haven't been as preoccupied as me, did we already know this was happening and what was published since is simply an expression of it being deeper than we thought and that was what was so shocking or is this just some weird coincidence and art's become reality? Is that why more hasn't been made about this? I don't know. But there's also the wording. The ana, sorry, the person making the speech's justification is hilariously similar too.

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