Review 2013: Not The Doctor: The Art of the Pop Video.

Art Back in February, FACT Liverpool's exhibition, The Art of the Pop Video displayed itself on flatscreens throughout the various gallery spaces. My original review is here. In the months since, thanks to the list which was supplied in the galleries I've been catch up on the videos I missed and been thinking about the promos I would choose if I was curating the exhibition, keeping within the original categories. Find the results posted below. They're a mix of biographical detail and utter desperation as you can see from the rather limited musical range and the inclusion of Enya where she is. FACT still has explanations for the categories on its website.

History 1

Directed by Chris Langman (1988).

History 2

Directed by Unknown (1988).


Directed by Monkeehub (2005).


Directed by Jake Nava (2008).

The Wilderness Downtown

Directed by Jonathan Demme & Ted Demme (1994).

The Dancing of Politics

Directed by Schmoyoho (2008).


Directed by Various (2002-2005).

The Conquest of Film

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (1999).

The Conquest of Art

Directed by Michael Geoghegan (1988).

The Music Video in Art

Directed by Laurie Anderson (1981).

Bonus Round

Directed by Eric Slatkin.

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