Review 2013: Not The Doctor: The trailers for Gravity.

Film Though there's still nearly a month left, I think I'll be right in pronouncing Gravity my favourite film of the year, the best film of the year and the most important film of this decade so far. Even without the extra dimensions, Alfonso Cuaron's sci-fi epic is entirely involving and I spent most of its duration an emotion wreck either sobbing at astronaut Ryan Stone's plight, Sandra Bullock offering a potentially a career best performance, or clutching myself, my body experiencing the sensation of spinning in space with her.  The pre-publicity for the film, which had otherwise been kept relatively secret in terms of its story did much of the work in driving audience in with their astonishing visuals and economical use of editing. The initial teaser went viral immediately with its moments of calm before a concentration of chaos, and Warner Bros then followed these up with jaw-dropping slivers of the film that revealed what was being achieved in single shots before offering a more standard trailer that combined the four. As Forbes notices they're a clever example of how it's entirely possible to sell a blockbuster without giving away its secrets and allow the audience to have a shared experience. Variety has interview with Warners marketing guru Sue Kroll about her plan.

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