Books Lucy Greaves, translator, writes in The Guardian about untranslatable words. By the end of the first paragraph I'd already taken a life changing decision:
"Not long ago I was given the task of presenting an untranslatable word at an event at the Free Word Centre, where I am translator in residence. This interest in untranslatable words, which ties into one of the centre's new lines of inquiry, The Power of Translation, began last year with a blog that compiled untranslatable words from different languages (freewordcentre.com). There were some fantastic words that would arguably make welcome additions to English: who among us hasn't experienced tsundoku, for example, the Japanese word for "the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piling it up together with other such unread books"."
Yes, that's me. A lot. My rooms are piled-high with books filled with potential if I every had the time to actually read them. But of course I'd have the time if I watched less films and wasn't online as much. Except I like watching films, and you'd miss me, and I really should stop being, well hung up, about these things.  I read a lot.  I really should stop feeling guilty about the lot being digital and non-fiction and I should have look through what's actually there and have a clear out.

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