The Davies/Gardner era.

TB Time once again to link to another Doctor Who essay by Philip Sandifer, on this occasion because he is one of the few to investigate and credit producer Julie Gardner's contribution to the Davies era by reviewing the podcast commentary for The End of Time (part one):
"What is perhaps most clear, however, is that both of them are ruthless perfectionists. They talk several times about some of the more ludicrous things that have been fixed in post-production on the series. Some are at least understandable - the original idea for the Vinvocci was apparently to have the prosthetic blend into a human face, but it looked rubbish, resulting in the Mill coloring them green in every shot. Perfectionist, but at least an effects shot one understands. The CGI effect to make the Nobles’ turkey look cooked after the set department used a raw turkey, reasoning about what time of day it would be if the Queen’s speech is on is, on the other hand, a strong candidate for the weirdest bit of CGI ever, not just in terms of how strange a partially CGI turkey is in its own right, but in terms of the sheer level of obsessiveness involved in spending money to fix something like that."
Best piece of Doctor Who trivia ever?

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