The Guardian doesn't seem to care about their RSS feeds any more.

Technology Over the past few days I've been rationalising my RSS feeds into some semblance of order. Part of the process was unsubscribing from all the various Guardian feeds so I could resubscribe to their main wire all feed and create some filters. It didn't go well, so I sent some emails to their userhelp department to see if they'd noticed:

I subscribe to the Guardian All feed and it's recently changed so that instead if "Guardian Global" in the label it says "Latest news, sport and comment from the Guardian / The Guardian" before the title of the post. This means that in my rss reader it all but obscures most of the title now - see accompanying screenshot.

I don't suppose there's a chance you could snip the feed title back down to something like The Guardian All, the old Guardian Global (which I appreciate isn't perfect), The Guardian Wire ala The Atlantic or NYT or just simply The Guardian at the front?

In case you're wondering when Google Reader went down I began to subscribe via an rss to email service called Blogrtrottr means I can filter the feed in Gmail which cuts down on duplicate content from subscribing to different Guardian feeds simultaneously. :)

Take care,

Deciding that it might be easier to just subscribe to individual sections again I went for the G2. Oh, uh, oh:
Hello again,

I've just attempted to subscribe to the G2 rss feed and it resolves back to

Which is *everything* :(

Take care,

No reply. But it was the weekend so that's understandable. What about if I tried to subscribe to tones? The following email was subjected, "Film feed now too"
Essentially it looks like all the "all" feeds are resolving to:

And anything else rss isn't providing full content, just snippet view without such things as author details. The whole thing seems to be broken. :(

Any ideas?

Take care,

Yes, I know, the emoticons.  But I find the whole process of communication uncomfortable at the best of times.  Finally received a reply just now:
Hello Stuart,

Thank you for your feedback.

We feel that the best experience of Guardian content can be found on our websites and apps, and those of our partners. The change in our RSS feeds, linking back to, reflects this.

People who use RSS to read our content offline on mobile devices can use our suite of apps to continue to enjoy the Guardian, no matter where they are. Find out more at

Kind regards

User Help
Sigh, that's that then. I did reply:

Ok. But what's the point in having a link on the website to an RSS feed marked "film" if it just resolves back to a feed which dumps all content from the whole website into that feed? What's the point in having RSS feed links at all in that case?

Please see my other two emails for more on this.

Take care,

Not sure what more can be said on this really.

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