The Feeing Listless Soundtrack 1.0:
That Day.

Written by Natalie Imbruglia & Gary Clark
[from: 'White Lilies Island', BMG, 2001]

Music I feel strangely ambivalent about today. I'm aware that when I go places there isn't someone with me holding my hand, but this year it just feels like something other people do. Perhaps it's because for once I'm not in love with someone -- in previous years I've been looking dewy eyed at the girl from afar or good friends with them just to be around them for much the same reason. But this year no one. I know it's my situation. My life's on pause -- I'm like Campbell Scott in the film 'Singles', forever locked in a room (in my case metaphorically) wigging away, waiting for the next thing to happen. Which doesn't mean to say that if I got a serious valentine later I wouldn't be interested. My shoulder is looking out of practice -- it looks like it needs someone to lean against it soon. [Originally posted Valentines Day, 2002]

[Commentary: Another old blog post. Sigh. Oddly enough, I subsequently wrote a much longer, more coherent piece about That Day which I posted on flickr with an image of the cover and is a useful counterpoint to the above paragraph. As Natalie says, "It's ok, it's all ok."]

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