The only posts people ever read on this blog are about Doctor Who ...

TV ... so it's good to have fair warning of when the traffic is going to increase (assuming I can be bothered to review the next series) in the form of this teaser video:

It is August then. Oh wait:

I think you're absolutely correct @eddierobson which makes Who's launch date the 23rd August.  A couple of things on this:

(1) This means it'll run through September, October and into November, leaving a decent enough gap until the Christmas

(2) This is also the same weekend as the Liverpool International Music Festival whose main stage is across the road from my flat and if last year's anything to go by means I'll have to watch Capaldi's debut with the background noise of a Beatles cover band, assuming I can hear myself think at all anyway.  I couldn't last year.

(3)  Already people are being annoyed and silly about this teaser because it doesn't show Capaldi's face as though we don't already know what he looks like.  What are they expecting?  Someone else?  It's only May.

(4)  Edgar Wright's left Ant Man over creative difference.  I know this is unrelated to anything but it's a disappointing thing.  A few things:

(4.1)  Even more than Guardians of the Galaxy, Antman seemed like an auteur deal and a passion project for Edgar Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish within the MARVEL Universe.  If he's left, was it because what he was doing strayed too far away from the brand and if that's the case how did it go this far along in terms of how the project was looking?  Too much comedy?  What element did MARVEL want to change?  Was it a cinematic universe issue?

(4.2)  All of this being the case, who'll replace him?  Joe Cornish himself would the obvious candidate but that would depend on what went so horribly wrong.  But genuinely who do you get to replace an Edgar Wright on a pet project?  Who'd want to?

(4.3)  Going back to recent posts, MARVEL are going to have to tread carefully on this.  Wright had a lot of fans and the venn diagram with MARVEL fans is pretty interesting in terms of size.  It's not the first time directors have moved on.  Favreau decided against Iron Man 3 (despite starring in it) and Patty Jenkins left Thor: The Dark World for reasons still not entirely explained.  If fans smell that Wright's be done badly to it will backlash depending on how it's handled going forward.  It may require (spoilers permitting) a certain level of openness with Wright himself giving an interview if he's at all amenable which again depends on how acrimonious the separation was.  But such things are not unheard of.

(5)  Anyway, so yes, three months to go...

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