Obligatory Doctor Who trailer post.

TV I'll be quick because the #GER #ARG match is still on ("Come on my continental neighbours!"). But three things *

(1) The prominence of Clara.  Now that she's no longer a walking plot point, she'll presumably assume the more standard audience POV position and therefore be better liked by that most fickle of audiences, the audience.

(2) The prominence of Capaldi. I hadn't expected this much footage of him in character this early.

(3) Doctor Who Into Darkness.

(4) "I'm 2000 years old..." It's going to take a while for us to get used to the hundreds of years he spent on Christmas.

(5) Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

(6) Nice new library in the console room. The mini is parked just off camera, presumably.

(7)  Isn't that the same castle from The Almost People and Nightmare in Silver?  Hope it's a better episode than either of those two.

* It's never three things.

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