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TV Well here we are again, then. Less than more than a few weeks before the new series of Doctor Who and we're all battening down the hatches, engaging the usual filters and hoping against hope not to suddenly have a massive spoiler turn up in open conversation on Twitter.

Of course, the difference between this and say, Elementary, is that this isn't something which has already been broadcast, but rather like Rose all those years ago turned up online because someone somewhere decided that he'd upload the first five scripts to the internets.

Unlike Rose, this increasingly looking like an administrative cock-up in the style of the blu-rays being sent out early.  This security expert says they were left on a public server and Google simply indexed them.  No hacking, just poor security at an office somewhere from someone who didn't understand how the web works [link via].

Despite having Likelyed through hours and hours of just reading the usual dozen news items about the scripts being leaked, I still managed to stumble into a blog post which listed the titles and authors of those first five episodes, three of which we're almost certainly not supposed to know yet.  Or until DWM is published.

People who call themselves fans but really aren't (because let's take a position on this) are already posting "spoiler-free" reviews in the usual places based on what they've read.  Positive or negative, doesn't matter.  Until broadcast, the content of those scripts was none of their business and it's not ours either.

This essentially:

Unless they're all fake like the Not Justice League screenplay written by Kevin Smith. Yes, that must be it.

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