Review 2014:
One Thing:
Laura Brown.

Life There is only one thing that I actually know that everyone else doesn't; the secret to good lasagna is to spread soft cheese on the pasta sheets.

This can't be it, I muse. In 34 years this can't be it. I ask my husband. He says of course there is more I know, and promptly turns over and goes to sleep. On Skype my brother (perhaps wisely) pretends not to have heard the question. My mother is blunter, "answering that question sounds like something I would do if I had a death wish".

I do not know big things. Instead I know little things. My mother, when she is navigating truth bombs, always says "you only do today once". It is the little things that make the days richer. The moments when you sit with a cup of coffee and look at the pot plant outside that, despite all your efforts, survived the autumn. It's the satisfaction of a perfectly painted fingernail.

These are the little things you should know;

*Know how you like to take your coffee. Don't pretend. Having coffee the way you like it in the morning is one of life's simple pleasures

*Learn how to use emoticons. Technology is not to be feared

*Turn your TV down two notches. The reason you and your neighbour aren't friends is because your TV is on too loud

*When the winter light streams through your window at 4pm stop what you are doing and enjoy it. Winter might be cold, wet and sniffily but it has the best light of the year

*Unfollow people on Twitter who talk about themselves in an unfunny way. That doesn't leave you with many options, admittedly, but it is time we stopped enabling each other's navel gazing.

*Smile at people when you wait for them to go past you on a narrow pavement. At worst they are confused. At best they smile back.


*Wear headphones in Asda. Things you will hear in Asda can risk you despising your fellow man. Protect thyself.

*Never pass on the chance for a hug.

*Don't park like a dickhead. Similarly, don't judge people for parking like morons; you only have to deal with them today, they have to live with their inability to park.

*Ring your mother.

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