My Favourite Film of 2011.

Film Here's some background as to how this list has been compiled.

Firstly I sat at the computer and typed up a list of all the films I decided I really quite liked, off the top of my head, as many as I could, as many as I could remember, and these were then transferred into an Access table and afterwards I went through and added released dates as they appear on the IMDb.

 Admittedly some of those dates won't match the year I saw them but films rarely do anymore, so this doesn't really matter.

After that I went through and took a long hard look at the films listed in the same year and chose one.

Really difficult.

Then I went through and added in all the dates and I didn't have anything listed for then.

Then I went through the annual lists on this blog to fill in the gaps on the assumption that if I liked it enough to mention it then, I must have liked it quite a lot.

Hence Chalet Girl.

I won my blu-ray copy through an online competition from In The Snow Magazine.  Yes, indeed.

Searching for the title bar image, I find now that there was a production blog and that begins here.

Here's what I said at the end of 2011:

Chalet Girl was this year’s secret classic and I suspect the teenage version of me would have judged it the year’s best (which makes this choice about nostalgia for the person I once was). It’s essentially a British take on the Mary-Kate and Ashley cultural tourism series, but throughout it explodes expectations by making the bitchy blonde rival the best friend, putting the handsome suitor at the epicentre of a discussion on class politics and hiring Bill Bailey to play an emotionally crippled Dad. But the key success is Felicity Jones as the eponymous service worker who uncannily appropriates in her tiny form some of Katherine Hepburn’s verve, timing and just general weirdness, taking full advantage of a script which is drenched in buckets full of cynicism and still able to look just plain cute in a ski coat against the snow. it's just a shame the typically mishandled advertising campaign and critical reaction put everyone else off.

I can't really improve on that other than to also notice just how many Doctor Who related actors appear.  Like Broadchurch, it would probably be quicker to list who hasn't been in Doctor Who.

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