Music Daphne & Celeste are back then and is customary there are the relevant reintroduction interviews with interested media parties. Firstly PopJustice where they talk about what happened just after the band split up, or rather stopped singing some of the most disturbing pop lyrics ever written:
"What did you do when you knew the band was over?
Karen: Well we both went home. Celeste was in New Jersey at the time and I was in New York. What was interesting was that Daphne & Celeste were never released in the US, so we had these two lives. At home we just had regular lives. When we first got back we both got back into acting and doing what we were doing before we were in the pop band.
Celeste: It was weird. It was like we’d auditioned for this gig, and we’d booked it. And it was kind of like we just, for better or worse, just went on to the next gig. We just continued.
Karen: We did go back a couple of times – like we did a show at G-A-Y once. And what I loved was that whenever that would happen we’d just perform the same three songs.
And The Guardian where they recall the Reading Festival 2000:
"They might have put a brave face on things, but being a target for mass booing and urine-filled missiles must have been a bruising experience. “Honestly?” says Cruz. “Our biggest fear at the time was that we would get on the stage and no one would come. We thought everyone would protest and go off and see bands they actually liked.”

"DiConcetto found the whole thing surreal: “Backstage, Slipknot and Rage Against the Machine were coming up to us and telling us how hardcore we were – how they wouldn’t have stayed out there. It was definitely the best thing we did, our crowning achievement.”
As both interviews stress, D&C were years ahead of their time and also strangely timeless. If they were to be released now they'd be megahits especially after the controversy generated by the lyrics. The new song takes a few listens to really makes sense and the promo certainly helps to explain intent. Like those earlier songs it doesn't really sound like anything in release now, not that I'm an expert, but again I don't know what the appetite is for it.  But I do like the cover.

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