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Andrew Graham-Dixon.

Science Intevitably then. In recent years, plenty of the enthusiasm I have for paintings and sculpture is as a result of watching Andrew Graham Dixon's various television documentaries, his Art of [Insert Country] series and escapades on The Culture Show and in Italy.

Short PR interview with Penguin Books on the occasion of the publication of his book about Carravagio:

A short piece from Big Think about Carravagio:

To the Jaipur Literature Festival where Andrew gave a talk about Carravagio:

And joined a panel about the art of the biography:

As part of the Arts & Literature Festival in King's College last November,Graham-Dixon and historian Antony Beever are joined by literary historian Lara Feigel in teasing out the history of sheltering in the Second World War in London:

Finally, in January he was interviewed at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne:

For completion sake, there are also two channels here and here which collect together much of his television work from across the years.

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