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Professor Alice Roberts.

Science Professor Alice Roberts doesn't need much of an introduction.  She's a clinical anatomist and Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham and also a busy television presenter, debuting on "Extreme Archaelogy" back in 2004 through Time Team, Coast and Horizon as well as her masterpiece, Origins of Us.

Let's begin with a couple of videos in which Professor Roberts talks about why she's a scientist. Firstly, for the Science: [So What? So Everything] campaign:

Introducing a monthly column for The Observer:

For Longform, an impressionistic portrait piece:

'Where i went right': ALICE ROBERTS from Longform on Vimeo.

A BBC Knowledge showreel:

Showreel - Alice Roberts BBC Knowledge Interview from Phil Bowman on Vimeo.

When Professor Roberts became a professor at the University of Birmingham she gave the opening lecture of that year's Darwin Day celebrations, elaborating on ideas from her tv series Origins of Us:

Later that year she offered a talk at Bournemouth University about public engagement:

As part of her professorship at Birmingham she's also presented these short pieces about studying at the university, other things:

"An exhibition at the British Museum features sculptures made up to 40,000 years ago. Professor Alice Roberts meets curator Jill Cook to discuss three artefacts in the collection; the Lion Man, a group of female figurines from Siberia, and the oldest known flute":

At the Times Cheltenham Science Festival, Alice demonstrating "a novel and beautiful way of demonstrating anatomy":

Here she is being mighty on Newsnight in relation to creationism being taught as part of science teaching:

And on The Daily Politics:

The Young People's Forum at the Think Tank Museum in Birmingham produced this short documentary for which Alice is a contributor:

In 2009, Alice presents a "mini documentary about the discovery and current use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for the Medical Research Council":

Also from 2009, here's a sample entry created for Famelab, a competition to find new communicators of science in the media. It's about the similarities between three skulls:

The Royal Institution asked a group of celebrities to talk about their favourite chemical element. Here's Alice on Calcium:

Here's an excerpt from Dinosaurs: The Facts and Fiction in which she visits Crystal Palace and discovers how bones are married together:

Finally, here's her episode of Robert Llewellyn's series Carpool:

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