Victoria Coren Mitchell on Bohemians.

TV She's back. Or rather she's back making documentaries. Only Connect is fine, but since the end of Balderdash and Piffle, I've really missed watching VCM walking between things. Well, she's presenter-leading again on BBC Four:
For a word used to describe a wide range of eccentric individuals, not many people know how to precisely define what it means to be bohemian and whether it's a label to aspire to.

Victoria Coren Mitchell is attempting to find out with a three-part series on the history of bohemians for BBC Four, made by Wingspan Productions.

'Bohemians confuse me tremendously,' the presenter and journalist says. 'I don't know whether to find them exciting and inspiring, or annoying and threatening. Possibly all four at once.

'From these mixed feelings, I know I must be a bourgeois. But I've never been fully immersed in bohemian circles before. I'll be interested to find out whether I end up running into their open-minded embrace, or running screaming away.'
Let's hope it's as good as her documentary about The History of Corners (featured above).

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