"One of the hardest companions to categorize is Compassion."

News Usually when the "mainstream" media covers Doctor Who, it's still with an eye to anything on television. Well then here's a fabulously off-piste list from the Houston Press, which currently has a shot of Kamelion on its front page and also goes here:
One of the hardest companions to categorize is Compassion. She was originally a human from a distant colony that through a series of bizarre accidents became a living, sentient Tardis in human form. At the time the Eight Doctor had lost his own Tardis and the Time Lords were looking to capture Compassion to breed their own fleet of sentient ships. This led The Doctor, Fitz and Compassion to go on the run using her as a portal through space and time. Eventually she returned The Doctor to his own ship and left to explore the universe. Like the rest of the Eighth Doctor novels this likely happened in an alternative timeline.
I'm assuming the image of Tenth talking to Frobisher is from one of the IDW comics by the Tiptons I didn't get around to reading.

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