"the BBC make-up department in the Doctor Who studios."

TV Recently repeated and so currently in the iPlayer is George Carey's Storyville documentary about KGB agent George Blake who doubled in MI6 sending details of agents to the Soviets during the cold war.

 Eventually he was caught and jailed at Wormwood Scrubs but pretty quickly escaped, in October 1966 and was aided in the getaway by two peace activists, Dr Michael Randle and his wife Anne.

Their interview begins about an hour and ten minutes into the piece as they describe how they were contacted by journalists and assumed the police would be on to them pretty quickly. They never were.

During the conversation the following narrative bomb is dropped.  My italics for effect:
Anne Randle:
"He'd actually knocked himself out.  He had a cut about here and he'd not slept all night because of the pain.  So he did look rather gruesome."

George Carey (narration):
"His fall had broken his wrist. So, they found a sympathetic doctor and something to fix it with."

Anne Randle:
"We knew someone who knew how to get hold of plaster of Paris bandages from the BBC make-up department in the Doctor Who studios."
Well and indeed then. She doesn't say that it is someone who worked in the BBC make-up department in the Doctor Who studios just someone who has access but it's still an occasion when the last place you think you'll hear about a link to the franchise is usually the place when you hear about a link to the franchise.

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