Doctor Who Speculation.

TV I've just tweeted the following but I'm putting a version of it here for posterity.

Jenna Coleman's not listed in the cast for episode two but Clara is mentioned in the official synopsis for episode three.

The speculation:

Clara really has been exterminated. She's gone.

But before the next adventure, either at the end of tomorrow night or the beginning of the third episode, the Doctor breaks into his own chronology and picks up a Clara from earlier in her timestream, before the version we saw at the beginning of The Magician's Apprentice and they travel the universe in the classical style, usual sorts of adventures, the Doctor knowing her fate.

Then at the end of the final episode, he drops her back on Earth, knowing it has to end some time, and knowing her fate.  Which she doesn't.

Or the final episode will about him trying to get around the laws of time in order so that she can live. Something like that.

Yes, it's very reminiscent of at least three things Moffat's done before but if he and Doctor Who are capable of anything it's re-using old ideas that work.

Updated 27/9/2015  Well, I got that wrong.

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