Arena's Night and Day.

TV As part of its fortieth anniversary celebrations, the BBC's Arena strand will be setting up an internet stream which utilises the show's back catalogue to create a visual experience which maps the hours of a day in a kind of loose version of Christian Marclay's The Clock:
"As Arena approaches its 40th anniversary, the strand sets sail into uncharted waters. 'Night and Day' is a 24 hour visual experience following the pattern of day and night, drawn exclusively from Arena’s rich and varied archive. This is a unique and ground-breaking project, unlike anything seen on your television screens. Night and Day is designed to be experienced on a range of platforms – as a continuous cinema or art piece, as a 24 hour television broadcast, and living permanently as a continuous transmission online, all broadcast in real time, following the light through morning, noon and night. An accompanying second screen app in sync with the main art work will provide further information about the scenes as they unfold."
There'll also be a 90 minute condensed version, although I have a feeling I'll be spending day or two with the longer version.

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