Now, See Hear, Doctor.

TV When writing about Doctor Who's Under The Lake yesterday, I suggested it might be a good idea for the BBC to make a signed edition available as quickly as possible on the iPlayer. It's not on there yet, but yesterday there was a signed screening of the episode with Q&A as part of the See Hear festival and this making of piece from the programme itself about Sophie Stone's part in the episode has been posted online.

It's predictably fascinating, especially in relation to how the signing sections were prepared with Stone, Zaqi Ismail and a signing coach working through the next group of scenes to be filmed the evening before and negotiations about which pieces of signing would be used. Stone and Ismail essentially have their own dialects of signing due to communicating with relatives leading their own signs for various words.

Here is a less complex Extradental version:

Which includes how they had to make up signs for words which don't have official equivalents yet.

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